Welcome to SCAG’s GIS & Data Services Website!
The SCAG GIS and Data Service Program was designed as the preferred source for customized demographic and economic studies, data and analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis and mapping for the Southern California region. We maintain data/information and GIS files for the counties of Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura.
Our services are available to government agencies and private businesses without any fees. Our information is used by local government, public agencies, consultants, academia, students and the general public. Our information is designed for use in plans, studies, analyses, and presentations.
Additionally, SCAG offers specialized software training and data assistance to its member jurisdictions through the GIS Services Program. The GIS Services Program promotes data sharing and updating to enhance region-wide GIS data standardization and helps SCAG maintain effective working relationships with its member cities and key stakeholder agencies. Services include training, data conversion, simple application development and more. These resources help local agencies better leverage their assets to become more efficient, save money, and/or provide new services to their residents and businesses. SCAG’s conservative estimate of savings to local participating jurisdictions is $2 million.
The SCAG GIS and Data Service Program is made up of skilled researchers, statisticians, demographers, economists and GIS technicians with a long history in the industry. As an agency, we strive to be a central source for data and information about the region. We also partner with the Census Bureau and the California Department of Finance and Employment Development Departments in our attempt to be a one stop shop.
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