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Interactive map showing Goods Movement Projects by type and county

Land Use

​City GIS Viewer (includes specific sites developed through SCAG's GIS Services Program. Cities included in this application family include Calipatria, Centro,Holtville,Imperial and Westmorland)


Map shows renewable energy stations in the SCAG Region, and utilizes data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' 2012 National Transportation Atlas ​Database.


Electricity Generation Facilities in the SCAG Region. Application was developed based upon data made available through the State of California's Air Resources Board (ARB). ​


LEED Certified Buildings in the SCAG Region. Application was put together based upon data form the State of California's Green Building Directory.


The Southern California PEV Atlas provides a comprehensive series of regional maps that characterize PEV ownership by neighborhood and project PEV ownership growth by council of government and utility service areas. Using a regional travel model, the Atlas also estimates time-of-day proximity of PEVs to charging opportunities at workplaces and retail centers. The Atlas also maps additional charging opportunities at multi-unit dwellings and parking facilities.


This application shows the number and type of sustainability plans and programs by jurisdiction. Pop-ups are enabled for each city showing the name of the jurisdiction, # of adopted sustainability plans and programs, and the type of sustainability plans and programs for each jurisdiction in a chart. ​

regional planning

This application shows the location of SCAG's Main Office, Regional Offices, and Videoconference Facilities. ​


Completed and ongoing Compass Blueprint Demonstration Projects in the SCAG Region are shown in this map. ​


A transportation monitoring and performance assessment application. It assists in monitoring and assessing the performance of the current transportation system against regional goals.

GIS Services
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